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From fashion-forward layering to embracing local festivities, learn how to stay warm, social, and healthy with our 2024 Winter Guide.


Happy Young Friends On Winter Day

10 Tips to Survive Winter in SA

Winter in South Africa—where the temperatures dare to dip below 20 and everyone starts eyeing their long-lost jackets. It’s not quite the icy despair of the North Pole, but hey, it gets cold enough to make you rethink that early morning jog.

So, how do you thrive when the mercury drops in the southern hemisphere?

Here are some tips to keep you cozy and cheerful:

Layer Up & Make it Lekker

In South Africa, winter isn’t just a season; it’s an excuse to flaunt every piece of clothing you own, all at once.

Start with a thermal, add a t-shirt, maybe a sweater, and top it off with that flashy jacket you bought on sale and swore you’d wear – now’s the time to do it!

Layers are your best friend, allowing you to adjust your personal thermostat as the day warms up.

Embrace the Sunshine

Even in the coldest months, South Africa is blessed with sunny days.

Take advantage of this natural heater. Sunbathe like a lizard on a rock whenever you can—just remember the sunscreen because, believe it or not, the sun does not chill in winter and nothing sucks more than sunburn and being cold at the same time.

Get Your Soup Game Lalela

Pumpkin and carrot soup with cream

Winter is the unofficial season of soup.

It’s time to dust off those family recipes or hunt down some new ones.

Whether it’s a hearty butternut or a rich lamb soup, get that pot simmering!

It’s not just food; it’s a warm hug for your insides.

Heat Efficiently

Let’s be real, not everyone has central heating and those electric heaters can hike up your electricity bill faster than you can say load shedding.

Consider investing in a good quality gas heater or, for a truly South African solution, gather around a braai stand for warmth.

Yes, it’s unconventional, but your gizzards will thank you for it.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the hydration game should slack. If anything now is the time to stock up on Nivea’s best.

Winter air can be dry and harsh, so slap on that moisturizer and treat your skin like the royalty it is.

Don’t let winter make you ashy … sies.

Prepare Your Home

Seal those drafts, insulate the windows, and make sure your living space is snug!

Nothing says ‘prepared’ like a home that doesn’t feel like a walk-in fridge.

Remember, carpets and rugs are not just decorative; they’re necessities that keep the chill off your floors.

Stay Social

Four mature adults sitting together around patio fire at night

It’s tempting to hibernate, but social interaction can keep the winter blues at bay.

Arrange game nights, hot chocolate gatherings, or soup swap parties.

Social warmth counts too!

Winter Health Check

Don’t let a flu bug take you down.

Stock up on vitamins, keep warm, and if you’re feeling generous, share your secret remedies, not your germs.

Explore the Outdoors

Yes, it’s cold, but South Africa’s winter landscape is something to behold.

Visit the snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg or the lush, misty mornings of the Mpumalanga highlands.

Just dress like you’re on an Arctic expedition.

Embrace Local Festivities

Winter in South Africa comes with unique celebrations and events.

From the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown to indulgent wine tastings in the Cape Winelands, there’s always something brewing.


Surviving winter in South Africa isn’t just about staying warm—it’s about enjoying what the season has to offer, even if it means wearing flip-flops with socks.

So, bundle up, get out there, and show winter who’s boss!

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