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Fabio DeGouveia

Explore the intriguing legend of Inkanyamba, a cryptid creature said to inhabit the waters of Southern Africa, particularly near Howick Falls in South Africa.


Creepy Cryptids of SA: The Inkanyamba

Explore the intriguing legend of Inkanyamba, a cryptid creature said to inhabit the waters of Southern Africa, particularly near Howick Falls in South Africa. This mythical being, resembling a snake with a horse-like head, has captivated the imaginations of locals and researchers alike. Let’s delve into the fascinating lore surrounding Inkanyamba.

Howick Falls
Howick Falls, Home of the Inkanyamba

Ancient Origins.

Accounts of Inkanyamba date back to ancient cave paintings found throughout the KwaZulu-Natal region. These paintings depict what archaeologists refer to as “rain animals” due to their association with intense summer storms.

While most investigators speculate that Inkanyamba may be a large species of freshwater eel, like Anguilla mossambica or Anguilla marmorata, locals insist that these creatures are much larger and possess supernatural traits.

 In 1998, residents of Ingwavuma and Pongola regions attributed a violent storm that displaced thousands to the wrath of Inkanyamba. This connection between the creature and severe meteorological events is rooted in traditional beliefs, suggesting that Inkanyamba takes to the sky annually in the form of a giant tornado to find its mate.

Migratory Nature.

It is noteworthy that Inkanyamba is rarely seen during the summer months, supporting the belief that these creatures are migratory. Sightings have been reported in various locations, including the Mkomazi River, the waters around Midmar Dam, and smaller dams near Dargle farms. Witnesses have even claimed to have witnessed mating rituals and territorial battles.

In 1996, Inkanyamba gained international attention when a local newspaper offered a reward for photographic evidence of the creature. Two published photographs were met with skepticism and accused of being hoaxes, fueling the ongoing controversy surrounding its existence.

Alleged photograph of the Inkanyamba
Alleged photograph of the Inkanyamba

African Brain Sucker.

In a nearby region known as the Mzintlava River, a similar controversy emerged regarding a large aquatic predator known as the “African Brain Sucker” or Mamlambo. Locals claimed to be under siege by this creature, adding to the mystique of Southern African cryptids.

Government Intervention

In May 1996, reports surfaced that the South African government planned to capture and relocate the creature living beneath Howick Falls. Local Zulu residents opposed this plan, fearing the potential danger posed by the creature’s fierce disposition and the risk to their villages.

Recent reports suggest that the South African government has reconsidered the idea of challenging these semi-aquatic beasts in their natural habitat. The legend of Inkanyamba continues to intrigue, leaving us to ponder the mysteries of this mythical creature in the heart of Southern Africa.

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