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Growing up can be tough but it doesn't have to be. Here's a beginner's guide to adulting.


Tips on being an adult

Mastering Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide to Adulting.

Being an adult is a pill that everyone has to swallow at some point. Whether navigating the waters of financial management or trying your darndest to keep in touch with friends, there’s always something new and fresh, keeping you on your toes.

We’ve put together a short, comprehensive guide to help you start this adventure (even though you probably don’t want to).

Finances 101: Budgeting and Saving

Adulthood requires mastering the art of financial management. Begin by creating a budget that outlines your monthly income, fixed expenses, and discretionary spending. This foundational step not only provides a clear picture of your financial landscape but also sets the stage for responsible money management.

Remember to keep it up as you go. This isn’t a three-month deal.

Budgeting Tips:
  • Categorize your expenses: Differentiate between essential expenses (rent, utilities, groceries) and discretionary spending (entertainment, dining out).
  • Set savings goals: Allocate a portion of your income to savings, creating an emergency fund and saving for future endeavours.
  • Track your spending: Use budgeting apps or tools to monitor your expenses, helping you stay within your budgetary limits.
Tips on being an adult: Cooking

Establishing Independence: Living on Your Own

Whether you’ve moved into your own apartment or are sharing a space with roommates, embracing independence is a hallmark of adulthood. Cultivate essential life skills to ensure a smooth transition into independent living.

Here’s a few tips to make you a tad more housetrained than you thought.

Living Independently Tips:
  • Cooking basics: Learn a few simple, nutritious recipes to reduce reliance on takeout and save money.
  • Household management: Master household chores, from laundry and cleaning to basic repairs, fostering a comfortable and organized living space.
  • Emergency preparedness: Equip yourself with basic problem-solving skills for unexpected situations, like fixing a leaky faucet or tripped circuit breaker.

Career and Professional Development

Navigating the professional landscape is a significant aspect of adulthood. Focus on building a robust career foundation by investing in your skills, networking, and setting achievable career goals.

You’re probably going to hit the ground running here, but that’s okay.

Career Development Tips:
  • Networking: Build professional connections within your industry through networking events, online platforms, and informational interviews.
  • Skill enhancement: Identify and develop skills relevant to your field, staying adaptable in an ever-evolving job market.
  • Goal-setting: Establish short-term and long-term career goals, providing a roadmap for your professional journey.

Health and Wellness: Prioritizing Self-Care

Taking care of your well-being is a cornerstone of adulting. Establishing healthy habits contributes to physical and mental resilience, ensuring you can navigate life’s challenges effectively.

Those binge-drinking, Dorito-munching, days should be left behind!

Self-Care Tips:
  • Regular exercise: Incorporate physical activity into your routine, whether through a gym workout, outdoor activities, or fitness classes.
  • Balanced nutrition: Maintain a well-rounded diet with a focus on whole foods to support your energy levels and overall health.
  • Mental health practices: Prioritize mindfulness, stress management, and seek support when needed to nurture your mental well-being.
Tips on being an adult: Friends

Building and Nurturing Relationships

Adulting is not just about personal growth but also about cultivating meaningful connections. Prioritize building and maintaining relationships with friends, family, and colleagues for a fulfilling social life.

You can’t be tired all the time (or at least try to act like you’re not). Get in touch with your mates man.

Relationship Building Tips:

  • Effective communication: Practice open and honest communication, fostering deeper connections with those around you.
  • Empathy: Understand and appreciate the perspectives of others, strengthening the bonds of mutual support.
  • Quality time: Invest time in building meaningful relationships, whether through shared activities, conversations, or simply being present for loved ones.

Mastering these foundational aspects of adulthood will pave the way for a more confident and fulfilling journey into this new chapter of life. Don’t get me wrong, it can be tough, but it’s much like riding a bicycle. The first few pedals will be rough but ,once your racing, it can be quite fun.

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