Make Your Own Whisky | Brandy | Rum | Gin Experience worth R650!

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Make Your Own Whisky | Brandy | Rum | Gin Experience

Join us at Rocket Boutique Distillery for our Make Your Own and Tasting Experience. Dive into the world of craft spirits and create your very own tequila, gin, whisky, brandy, or rum. It’s a hands-on adventure perfect for special occasions or just because you love a good drink!


Stepping into the distillery is like walking into a different world. Getting hands-on with their devices and liquids and flavours is such a great experience. Especially when you can see the science that actually goes into it. It's not just the case of someone sitting down and mixing a couple of things together and there's a bottle of rum or a bottle of whiskey. It's actually an intense process that starts from refining liquids and sugars and some interesting flavours and, you know, crafting something different.